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Trauma concerning the facial structures is frequent and can cause alterations in masticatory, visual or hearing functions, as well as aesthetic alterations. For more information or if you want to tell your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us.

Facial bone fractures

Any bone of the face can be affected: jaw, nose, cheekbones or jaws, as well as teeth. The consequences of a excessive delayed treatment would be alterations in chewing, in vision (double or blurred vision), in the ear or nose.

Soft Tissue Bounds 

Soft tissues that cover the facial skeleton, such as muscles, nerves, blood vessels or skin, may be affected in the context of an aggression, traffic or sport accident. Because of their location they require a meticulous suture to minimize scars and funcional sequelae.


Sequelae of traumatisms: scars and deformities.

Once unwanted healing has occurred or sequelae persist, they can still be treated to improve their impact on social life. For scars the most modern LASER or the use of surgical plasties can obtain great improvements.

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