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All the branches of Maxillofacial Surgery 

All surgical procedures are carried out at the Begoña Hospital in Gijón.


In this hospital context, we have approved operating rooms, resuscitation room and hospitalization, to carry out procedures of varying degrees of complexity.


In the best conditions and with the highest degree of comfort for the patient.

3D Diagnosis


In the Radiodiagnosis Department, cutting edge technology in digital and 3D diagnostics. Orthopantomography and last computerized tomography allow an optimal evaluation and preparation for our patients

Anesthetist and conscious sedation


Medical anesthesiologists perform conscious sedation or general anesthesia in the operating room, depending on the degree of complexity or the patient's preferences. Conscious sedation minimizes the perception of the interventions, as well as the postoperative stay.

Operating rooms


All the facilities have been renovated and adapted to current regulations, offering maximum security in a welcoming environment.

Oral Surgery under Local Anesthesia


Oral and maxillofacial surgery under local anesthesia are carried out in the Outpatient Operating Room. These include extraction of wisdom teeth, removal of facial skin lesions or placement of osseointegrated implants.

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