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Facial Medicine and Surgery 

You can know some of the techniques that will help you to recover or improve your appearance. For more information or if you want to tell your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us.


They allow temporarily or definitively to improve the shapes of the face, cheeks or lips. The most used at present is hyaluronic acid, in various degrees of cross-linking and concentration.

Botulinum Toxine

Show excellent excellent results in the treatment of the wrinkles of the eyebrows, forehead and crow's feet. It is also used in hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) of hands and armpits or some types of headaches.


Lipofilling, microfat, nanofat

It consists of obtaining a small portion of the patient's fat, centrifuged and treated, which is used for long-term filling. The nanofat is currently the best treatment for dark circles and the bar code


LASER: spots, anti-aging, scars.

Modern Erbium or Q-Swiched LASERs allow to eliminate facial spots produced by sun or to improve melasma. They are also used in the rejuvenation of facial skin, elimination of fine wrinkles and improvement of scars.

Blepharoplasty (eyelids) 

Removes excess skin and eyelid bags, which hinders vision and gives an appearance of fatigue.


Lifting and mini lifting 

Used for repositionate the sagging tissues of the neck, cheeks or eyebrows, giving the face a younger appearance.


Improves nasal breathing and the appearance of the nose, helping to harmonize the proportions of the face in a natural way.


Otoplasty (ears) 

Through otoplasty, we correct not only the protruding ears, but also possible to close the torn hole.


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